The Spread: A Zombie Short Story Collection

The Spread: A Zombie Short Story Collection

by Michelle Kilmer and Rebecca Hansen

“I love how the perspective is different from other zombie novels. Instead of a story about survivors, we get to see a story on the person-to-person spread of the zombie infection”
– Amazon reviewer

“Bite-sized zombie vignettes that chill and thrill”
– Amazon reviewer

“This is not a ‘chick book’ – it’s a straight-up ‘beginning of the ZOMPOC’ story told as a series of neatly interconnected vignettes chronicling the wildfire transmission of the disease.”
– Amazon reviewer

You don’t know when it will change your life, or how, but the zombie plague is spreading quickly and in ways that no one could have imagined.
In Part I, an independently-hired researcher watches a mysterious plague decimate an island and takes notes with a gun-toting guard at his side. but the brisk waters of the Puget Sound can’t keep it from spreading to the mainland.

In Part II, follow the infection from chapter to chapter and person to person. A frightened neighborhood cat, a harmless fishing trip, a room full of infected preschoolers. perhaps someone will deliver it right to your front door. How kind.

Featuring short stories that showcase the many ways in which a disease can overwhelm a city, The Spread will get you thinking of how mundane acts can become deadly. No matter your precautions, the spread will reach you. Of that you can be sure.

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