When the Dead State of the Union, Part 3

It has been a frightening amount of time since I’ve visited this site to update on the goings on of my writing. Winter isn’t quite here yet, but it’s frosty outside and we’ve had a few snowfalls in the last month. Really, it’s the perfect time of year to brew some tea, cozy up, and drop more than a few words on the page, but life, well, life has been too much to handle for a stretch now. I’ve been sick for a month, lovesick for years, mentally broken down to a point of almost no return. Again, always, I am thankful for these experiences, because how RAW they are, how true, and sharp, and full. I should feel guilty for drowning in this heartache that fuels so many wonderful things. Who else has such a roaring hearth to pull heat from?

Anyway. Back in May, the managers of the bookstore where I work decided to order in all my books and surprise me. We currently have all four of the main books in stock. I’ve also sold over 115 copies of Mistakes I Made During the Zombie Apocalypse and it was selected by the staff as the holiday staff recommendation (kinda huge in my eyes!). I’m hearing great feedback on my writing, enthusiastic requests that I write more soon, and I’m inspiring budding authors who come in. This job has been what I’ve needed for a long time. I feel I’ve found a heaven. Surrounded by book lovers, readers and writers alike. It’s fun to go everyday. And today someone asked me for my book without knowing it was mine, telling me their teen daughter wanted to read it. Talk about surreal life.

Today one of my short stories, Nothing is Promised Us, But Death, was selected by a fellow writer as one of the best things he has read in 2016. Check out the write up here (#2). It also gained an honorable mention in the second quarter of the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest and took second place in the Crypticon/Blysster Press writing contest! I’m blown away.

We sold out of our Five Senses in Horror Story Bundle at Crypticon as well. Must bring more next year!

My projects are many, my working hours dedicated to them, few. Basically business as usual. I am working on both my first ever poetry collection Once Upon a Time, When Things Turned Out Okay, as well as another writing collection When You Find Out What You’re Made Of.

We’ll be announcing submissions for TAKE soon, the companion anthology to GIVE. This project has truly suffered the most due to my life changes.

Still a few secret projects in the works. I’ll share when I can.

Be well, folks. Life is too short to do anything but.

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when the dead zombie apocalypse novel testimonials
  • . . . you never see what's coming next
  • engaging and terrifying
  • the . . . characterizations are incredible
  • . . . a very realistic account
  • everything you want in a ZA novel!
  • I didn't want to put it down!
  • a story about people under pressure
  • a zombie novel with substance
  • I am actually hooked.
  • one feels the constant dread
  • a story worth reading
  • Great pacing and plot
  • I've been reading whenever possible
when the dead zombie novel testimonials

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